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“Begin At The Beginning”

Welcome to my essays. They have a structure, that is, they begin here and go toward there. Here will begin with “My First Essay” and an intimation of there will first appear in “One Thousand Words.” Read on to find out the beginning and the direction.

These essays are intended to be read in order. To facilitate this there are two navigational aids: the main body on the left and the Recent Posts sidebar on the right. The essays are listed in chronological order in the main body. New readers should begin there. Each post will show the title, date, and a thumbnail. Press ‘Read more’ to read the entire essay.

The essays are listed in reverse chronological order in the sidebar. Returning readers may use the sidebar to begin where they left off. Essays selected from the menu are not truncated and this makes it easier for continuing readers.

Use your browser’s “Back” icon or command, or its equivalent, to return to the main page of the essays.

There is one small problem with this structure. The main body is currently limited to the first 20 posts and the sidebar to latest 10. Posts those between these limits are less visible. They may be found by scrolling down the main body and clicking on ‘Older Posts.’ These will appear after I have exceeded 20 posts.

The title of this read me is cribbed from Lewis Carroll, Alice In Wonderland:  “Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.”  Good advice for a novice writer, both the beginning and the end part.  My route between these signposts may seem to you to be circuitous but bear with me and read along while I work and write things out.  I think there may be some surprises ahead.