Clock Drive Coil Design Spreadsheet Instructions

You have arrived at the instructions for using the clock drive coil spreadsheet.  You will need Excel, or a compatible program for a place to download the file.  It will take some clicking to download the spreadsheet to your computer and use it.

After clicking on the link for the spreadsheet, you should have an image of the file on your screen.  It is not the spreadsheet: it has to be downloaded.  I am using Windows 10 and at the top right of the page is a box ‘Download File.’  Click on it and a new box should open with the name of the file.  Click on the blue ‘Open File’ below the file name and the spreadsheet should open on your computer.  At the top there should be a warning about opening this file.  Click on ‘Enable Editing.’  The spreadsheet should be fully operative.

It calculates the parameters of the drive coil using Imperial units.  At the left, in Column A, there are eight cells highlighted in yellow and labelled with the parameter whose value is to be inserted into the corresponding cell in Column B.  These instructions are also in Column K.  The wire gage in Row 5 is not used in any calculation.  It is a reminder for the user of the wire gage used in the calculations.  Rows 1 – 16 embody the chain calculations and Rows 18-22 use the equations.  This provided a cross-check for each method while developing the spreadsheet.